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Senator Beth Martinez Humenik is a fourth generation Coloradan who is caring for our community.

Beth’s Accomplishments

Lowering Your Tax Burden

In contrast to Faith Winter’s $3.5 billion tax increase on Coloradans, Senator Beth Martinez Humenik supported a reduction in the state income tax rate in 2018 due to the State Government’s record-breaking revenues. The bill passed the Senate, but was killed by Faith Winter and her colleagues in the House. (SB18-061)

In 2017, Senator Martinez Humenik sponsored legislation to eliminate the sales tax on diapers – giving financial relief to young mothers and families across Colorado. Despite bipartisan support, Representative Faith Winter killed the bill in committee.

Also in 2017, Beth sponsored legislation to extend the childcare state income tax credit, ensuring that low-income families in Colorado are not penalized for raising a family. House Bill 1002 was signed by Governor Hickenlooper in June of that year.

Continuing on her work started in 2017, Beth returned in 2018 to sponsor legislation that expanded the childcare tax credit, allowing more Colorado families to keep more of their hard-earned money. House Bill 1208 passed both the Senate and the House with bipartisan support and was signed by Governor Hickenlooper in May of this year.

Benefits for Families of Fallen Officers

One of the biggest legislative accomplishments of the 2018 session, Senate Bill 148, sponsored by Beth, provided health benefits for the families of fallen state troopers and other state employees for up to 12 months after their death.

The legislation was in response to the story of Velma Donahue, losing health coverage just a few days after her husband, State Trooper Cody Donahue, was killed in the line of duty. You can read more about Senate Bill 148 here.

Senate Bill 148 passed both chambers with near-unanimous support and was signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper on March 7, 2018, with both Senator Martinez Humenik and Velma Donahue at his side.

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Beth has been committed to reducing healthcare costs for Coloradans, and that includes the price of prescription medication. In 2016, she sponsored Senate Bill 27, which allowed Coloradans to save time and money by getting their prescriptions through the mail. The bill was passed through both chambers and signed by the Governor.

In 2018, Senator Martinez Humenik sponsored House Bill 1284, which allowed pharmacists to provide information to patients regarding cheaper, generic alternative medications. Previously, many pharmacists were banned from providing this information. The legislation earned bipartisan support through both the House and the Senate and was signed by Governor Hickenlooper.

Keeping Students Safe

In 2018, Beth sponsored Senate Bill 272, which created a grant program to encourage local school districts to create comprehensive programs aimed at suicide and crisis prevention. This was the only piece of legislation passed in 2018 that directly addressed this pressing issue.

The legislation received bipartisan support in both chambers and was signed by Governor Hickenlooper in May of this year.

Also in 2018, Senator Martinez Humenik sponsored Senate Bill 229, which permits teacher training programs to conduct background checks on those seeking to become educators of our children.

The bill was passed – with unanimous support – through both the Senate and the House and was signed by the Governor in May.

Meet Beth Martinez Humenik

Senator Beth Martinez Humenik is a fourth generation Coloradan who is caring for our community. Beth grew up in Fort Collins, where she learned her passion for public service from her family who instilled in her strong Colorado values. After earning both her Bachelor’s and Masters of Science degrees from Colorado State University, Beth settled in Thornton where she continues to serve her community today.

As a former K-12 and college educator, Beth knows that Colorado’s kids are our future. In fact, Beth comes from a family of educators who believe that a student’s best shot at a bright future is a fair shot and an exceptional education. That’s why Beth is committed to promoting individualized education to her each student achieve their unique goals.

At the State Capitol, Beth fights to address mental health issues in Colorado, increase access to specialized health care for every Coloradan, and achieve equitable funding for all our communities’ schools.

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